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Hi, I'm Yukie Liao Teramachi. I'm Japanese but I lived in Los Angeles, CA in the USA for 10 years. I'm a wife of Taiwanese American and a mother of two boys.


I started my career as a writer when I was in college. I worked for Japanese fashion magazine, JJ, as an assistant writer. I covered street fashionists in Tokyo and Seoul while I was there. I've learned the process of magazine production during my 2 years of experience.


After my graduation from Keio University, I started working as a merchandiser and PR of RESCUE SQUAD & FIRE FIGHTERS, Japanese men's casual brand in Harajuku. I learned about the fashion industry and manufacturing of apparel there, then decided to learn more about fashion marketing to pursue my fashion business career in the USA in 2003.


I graduated from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) a year after I studied fashion marketing, I started to work for a showroom and an exporter. In 2005, I opened my own showroom, FUNTRAP, in California Market Center, and soon started representing Japanese brands including SMO, MIZRA, SCOLAR etc.


Around the same time, I started writing articles of fashion and lifestyle of California to Japanese fashion magazines and online media. Soon JJ asked me to help coverage in the US as a coordinator since then I've been working for many fashion magazines and culture magazines.  I also contributed few US media writing about Japanese fashion. Also, I've helped to produce catalog magazines for Japanese apparel chains and casting for fashion shooting for Japanese brands.


In 2013, we decided to move to Tokyo, and since then I'm based in Tokyo and traveling back and forth to Japan and the US. Since Taiwan is my another closest country physically and emotionally, I've been writing about Taiwanese culture, business and fashion as well. 


I've devoted my life as a POSITIVE communicator between artists and audience, and between entrepreneurs and customers. To be a better communicator, I've been learning more and connecting with people much more even now.


I'm looking forward to working with you!

Member of
Global Press - the Board of Directors
International Foundation of Journalists (IFJ Japan)
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles
--- Nominee of Premier Marketing Award 

Keio University - Bachelor of Law (BL)

Politica Science Major, and Journalism Minor
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